TOE – The Other Eye #4

The Other Eye # 4: Playwrights and Playwriting

- at Mülheim Drama Festival on 24th of May 2014 -

The fourth edition of the German-Norwegian theater seminars is focused upon the work and life of playwright in both countries. Their respective positions changing within the aesthetics as well as the social conditions, the two parts of the seminar reflect theoretical and practical positions with playwrights and leading theatreworkers from both countries. The comparative approach is a principle of performed critique and personal reflections by playwrights, directors and scholars.


1. Morning session 10-12.30 at café in Mülheim theater

Stephanie Steinberg, current director of Mülheim Drama Festival and host, brief welcome address
Kristina Wydra on the history and role of Mülheim Drama in German theater

Frank Kroll, head of drama department at Suhrkamp publishing, on problems of developing new playwrights in a competitive field

John von Düffel playwright and current director of the playwriting program at the University of Arts in Berlin, dramaturge Deutsches Theater Berlin

Line Rosvoll, Artistic director, House of Drama Oslo, situation of new drama in Norway

Petter Rosenlund, Writers Guild of Norway, situation of drama and playwrights workingconditions in Norway

Viktoria Meirik, director of Norwegian Drama Festival

Conducted by Thomas Irmer


2. Lunch at restaurant in Mülheim theater 12.30-13.30


3. Afternoon session 13.30-16.00 at café

Roundtable talk with

Rebekka Kricheldorf, playwright and graduate of Berlin playwriting workshop (Szenisches Schreiben) at University of Arts

Therese Bjørneboe, critic and editor for the Norwegian periodica Norsk Teater- og Shakespearetidsskrift

Tale Næss, Norwegian playwright

Jürgen Berger, German critic, curator and Mülheim jury member

Conducted by Thomas Irmer

expenses (lunch): 8 Euro

number of participants is limited
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